Holboy Entertainment Podcast Episode 1

Here is the start my new podcast "The Holboy Entertainment Industry Podcast"

Got to sit down with Jay Oakes and have a great conversation. He founded a company called Washington Concept in 2013 and has been experimenting with what the business will become since it's start. Starting as a clothing company, growing their name, then slowly they stopped using clothing as a basis of the company. After a short time away from the business Jay and his wife (Indya) brought the business back, but this time as a wedding planning service, but soon realized that this was not their calling. Today Washington concept is a growing digital marketing company. I am very excited to see where Jay and Indya are able to take their business.

I am excited to see where this can go, and I hope you enjoy episode 0 (Technically episode 1, but I call it episode 0 since it is a tester episode)