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Another Trip in the Bag!

I just finished up with another travel vlog series. In this one, my girlfriend Grace and I explored the west coast. We drove to Las Vegas to deliver a trailer for Huckwagons, drove to California and spent time in L.A. and Santa Cruz,  then we finished the trip in Portland, Oregon. 


We got to spend some time in Santa Cruz, California. It was fantastic! I always take time out of a trip to go here if I can. 


This was Grace's first big road trip, and she seemed to enjoy it. I had the joy of getting to show her new places and beautiful sights. 


We went out to dinner in L.A. and we had a great time! Good food and awesome service. 


The whole trip was centered around the delivery of this 24 bike Huckwagon mountain bike transportation trailer. I have been very lucky with the opportunities to travel I have been given due to working with Huckwagons. Many more to come!


I can't resist a good shot when I see it. And Grace is very photogenic! Check out her Instagram @graceserrambana for more. 


I got to enjoy the sun while playing guitar. I am so incredibly happy to be able to play guitar again! I recently had an accident that made playing guitar impossible, it felt like I had lost part of my soul, but I'm back playing and it feels great!

As per usual, I had time to think about business and all other things I'm interested in, but one thing in particular that I am excited about is a movie I've been planning for a long time.  

Business Thought of the Day

I started planning a movie (Everything and Nothing) right before I graduated from high school, but I never could figure out a direction to go in. I pushed production back until I had the right gear, but when I had all the gear I wanted, then I didn't like how I had originally written the story. So after some major changes to the original plan I have decided that instead of making a short film; I will now be making a few short films that all tie together.

I want to do separate releases, and then once they have all been released I would do a big version with some added pieces. I think it is going to go very well and I am super excited to see what comes of this! 

If you haven't seen my most recent travel vlog series, please go check it out on Facebook and Instagram. Let me know what you think! Go make something awesome! 

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