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Get a planner!

I have become pretty busy in the last few months. This has made it hard for me to keep track of what I am doing and when I am doing it. I remembered how I use to write down everything happening in the week back in grade school and high school, but stopped because I thought it was stupid. How wrong could I be? I went and bought a planner and a couple notebooks for keeping track of projects and shoots. The results have been immediately noticable. Now when I get a call asking if I will help shoot a commercial, I can write it down and make sure it doesn't conflict with my other shoots and plans. I highly recommend getting a planner if you are like me and have a hard time keeping track of it all. 


Business Thought of the Day

I have been thinking a great deal about my business and where it is heading. I am so very excited about the direction I am going. I am aiming to have 10 consistently returning customers either by the end of the year or soon after. If my math is correct, and I really hope it is, that could mean things are about to change quickly.

I have said it before, but I will say it again. I am hoping to get back into the swing of posting a blog post more frequently. The goal is daily, but as I become more busy it may become more difficult. However, that will not stop me from trying. If you are reading this, I really hope you have enjoyed this sneak peak into my life.

Keep making awesome stuff out there and please keep doing things that you love!

-Wesley Holboy

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