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Another fantastic trip in the bag!

I just got home from my trip to Louisiana, and it was a great trip filled with some wonderful sights. I listened to lots of music, podcasts and audiobooks. So excited for the next trip, and it may be coming sooner than I'd planned.

Here are a few pictures from the trip:


A cool panoramic shot from my view at a pretty rest area


Panoramic shot of my hike in California

Saw this and couldn't resist getting the shot

Saw this and couldn't resist getting the shot


Selfie time out in the desert. Wind was blowing and the sun was shining

Business Thought of the Day (s)

As per usual, the time on the road gives me a lot of time to myself, so naturally I do a lot of reflection and planning for the future. To list all my business thoughts would take forever, but the thought from the trip that really got me excited and stuck with me was an idea for a new business. 

This business would be a fashion centered business, focusing on re-using old clothing to make new looks. I haven't put too much thought behind this idea yet, but I'm planning to meet up with some friends of mine to get the ball rolling.  

Thank you to all who are reading this! If you enjoy the blog, hit me up on social media to let me know. Go check out my travel vlog on Facebook and Instagram, tell me what you think, and always remember to keep making awesome stuff out there! 

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