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New Music Video


I recently started working with Siggie The Vintage Man, a musician from Northwestern Washington, and we have made a few music videos together so far. It has been a really great learning experience, learning the workflow of a music video, figuring out what works and what doesn't. 

I also just bought a new gimbal stabilizer, and paired with some warp stabilizer in post, it looks absolutely amazing. I am very excited to see what people think.  

Business Thought of the Day

I am trying to figure out what video to release next. I am enjoying the music videos, but I also want to change up the releases, so I am asking my viewers. If any readers are willing to give me some help, I would greatly appreciate the input. 

What kind of video should I release next? Music video, bike video, commercial or a creative piece? 

Keep making awesome stuff out there! 

Wesley HolboyComment