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Production Time

It is coming so close for projects to get rolling! The foggy days and fall colors are absolutely perfect for making some gorgeous shots. I am very excited to get moving on the productions I've had waiting, and it is about time I got to them.

I am hoping to get the podcast going again very soon as well, but I want to make sure I have a good lineup of guests before I commit to anything.  

Business Thought of the Day

I have been thinking about my travel vlogs recently, and I want to make them better. I currently video, edit and produce from my phone. While that gives me a pretty good end product, I know I can make it so much better. So for my next travel vlog I will be changing things up. I am going to film with my GH5S and my phone when needed. I also will be working on getting an awesome audio set up in the van.  

Very excited to make this happen. I've wanted to do this for a while, but just never did. This will be nice because it will let me edit on my PC and home after the trip, so I can add background music and make it a much better production.  

I hope you are enjoying these blog posts. Check out Holboy Entertainment on Facebook to keep up with the projects I am working on. When the podcast gets going again, what do you want to know about my guests? Leave a comment or message me on Facebook, Instagram or wherever you are on social media. Keep making awesome stuff out there!

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