New Music Video


I recently started working with Siggie The Vintage Man, a musician from Northwestern Washington, and we have made a few music videos together so far. It has been a really great learning experience, learning the workflow of a music video, figuring out what works and what doesn't. 

I also just bought a new gimbal stabilizer, and paired with some warp stabilizer in post, it looks absolutely amazing. I am very excited to see what people think.  

Business Thought of the Day

I am trying to figure out what video to release next. I am enjoying the music videos, but I also want to change up the releases, so I am asking my viewers. If any readers are willing to give me some help, I would greatly appreciate the input. 

What kind of video should I release next? Music video, bike video, commercial or a creative piece? 

Keep making awesome stuff out there! 

Another fantastic trip in the bag!

I just got home from my trip to Louisiana, and it was a great trip filled with some wonderful sights. I listened to lots of music, podcasts and audiobooks. So excited for the next trip, and it may be coming sooner than I'd planned.

Here are a few pictures from the trip:


A cool panoramic shot from my view at a pretty rest area


Panoramic shot of my hike in California

Saw this and couldn't resist getting the shot

Saw this and couldn't resist getting the shot


Selfie time out in the desert. Wind was blowing and the sun was shining

Business Thought of the Day (s)

As per usual, the time on the road gives me a lot of time to myself, so naturally I do a lot of reflection and planning for the future. To list all my business thoughts would take forever, but the thought from the trip that really got me excited and stuck with me was an idea for a new business. 

This business would be a fashion centered business, focusing on re-using old clothing to make new looks. I haven't put too much thought behind this idea yet, but I'm planning to meet up with some friends of mine to get the ball rolling.  

Thank you to all who are reading this! If you enjoy the blog, hit me up on social media to let me know. Go check out my travel vlog on Facebook and Instagram, tell me what you think, and always remember to keep making awesome stuff out there! 

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope that Thanksgiving was an amazing day for everyone! I really enjoy the day because I get to spend it all with my family, the people who matter most to me, and the food is good too! 

I'm going to start off with saying what I am thankful for. I'm doing this because 1. Thanksgiving time for me is a time to look around you and be thankful for what you have, and 2. Being grateful and humble are skills everyone should always be working on.  

I am thankful for my health and the health and well being of my family. A simple thing to be grateful for, but so very important. My health keeps me going forward, and the health of my family let's me focus. I am thankful for the fact that I get to do exactly what I want to do for a career. This one is a big one for me for a couple reasons. I see so many people who are working jobs that they hate, making excuses for why they aren't doing what they love, and it's a sad thing to see. There is no reason for anyone to be working jobs they don't want to be, but for some reason most don't see the opportunities available to them. 

Business Thought of the Day

I recently spent a morning writing down my personal and business goals/aspirations. Before I get into them, let me just say that doing this is extremely useful, and it also helps to keep the "North Star" in view. When I say north star I am talking about the big long term goal we all have. 

I won't go into crazy detail to save time, but I will touch on what I wrote. I started off with what I think true success is, and to simply, I said that success is being able to do what I love to do for work. I then wrote down goals, plans for the future and things to always keep in mind. Purpose, my "quantum leap", financials, authenticity, productivity, reflection and the role that fear and worry plays in to my business decisions.  

Writing all this down really helped me to put things in focus and have a more organized plan. I highly recommend doing this, not only for businesses, but also for personal use. It has the same effects, but instead of helping focus and organize business, it is helping quality of life. 

I am currently out on the road, so hopefully I will have the chance to blog more in the coming week. Check out my daily travel vlog on the Holboy Entertainment Facebook page to see where I am on my trip. Keep making awesome stuff out there!

Small Setback

Life is funny sometimes. I had planned to start blogging more, but recently I had to pay a visit to the hospital, so I haven't had much time to blog. I was doing some yardwork, moving big 300-500+ lbs. rocks. I will skip the details and get right to it. I nearly lost the tip of my middle finger.  


This little setback has been an impressive experience for me. Never in my life have I ever felt this level of pain, but it is slowly getting better. It is giving me the opportunity to work strictly on video production, which I can't complain about. So now that I have the next couple months of recovery, that means more time to dedicate to getting projects done!

Business Thought of the Day

I have been bouncing back and forth on a business issue the last few days, and maybe writing it down will give me an answer.  

I want to be able to hire people from time to time to help me out with some of the shoots I do, but I'm not sure if I want to do contract agreements or hire someone and start a payroll. My initial thought is to do contracts, but I want to do more research before making a decision.  

This was brought to my mind the other day when I was editing a really repetitive section of a music video I'm working on. I could farm out the boring editing and focus on final edits instead. Not sure exactly where I will take this, but this is where I will do my brainstorming.  

Now I have more time to blog, so be ready for more blogging! I hope you are enjoying these blogs, consider sticking around for more, and I will see you in the next blog! 

Keep making awesome stuff out there! 

Production Time

It is coming so close for projects to get rolling! The foggy days and fall colors are absolutely perfect for making some gorgeous shots. I am very excited to get moving on the productions I've had waiting, and it is about time I got to them.

I am hoping to get the podcast going again very soon as well, but I want to make sure I have a good lineup of guests before I commit to anything.  

Business Thought of the Day

I have been thinking about my travel vlogs recently, and I want to make them better. I currently video, edit and produce from my phone. While that gives me a pretty good end product, I know I can make it so much better. So for my next travel vlog I will be changing things up. I am going to film with my GH5S and my phone when needed. I also will be working on getting an awesome audio set up in the van.  

Very excited to make this happen. I've wanted to do this for a while, but just never did. This will be nice because it will let me edit on my PC and home after the trip, so I can add background music and make it a much better production.  

I hope you are enjoying these blog posts. Check out Holboy Entertainment on Facebook to keep up with the projects I am working on. When the podcast gets going again, what do you want to know about my guests? Leave a comment or message me on Facebook, Instagram or wherever you are on social media. Keep making awesome stuff out there!

The Games Begin

I have been taking some time away from the website, the podcast and from some projects I have been working on so that I could get some gear together. I am very excited to say that it has not been for nothing. I now have everything I need to make every type of production I have ever been a part of. 

Here is a list of my gear:

Panasonic GH5S with a 25mm lens and a Nikon adapter, so I can now use my 35mm, 18-55mm and my 70-300mm lens

Rode NTG2 shotgun mic set that came with a boom pole, cables and goodies and windscreens

GVM 480ls LED production lights

Zhiyun Crane Plus gimbal stabilizer

Tascam  audio recorder

Blackmagic video assist recorder

I haven't had a chance to test my new lights much, but in my small tests I've done I have seen that these are going to be some good lights for my needs. All my other gear has had pretty intensive testing and gets me extremely excited about what is to come.


Business Thought of the Day(s)

Thankfully the time away from the website and a few other business things people can see has not meant that the business hasn't been a main subject on my mind. So prepare yourself for a ride here. 

Regarding my podcast, which I am very excited to get started again, there have been some changes. No longer is the podcast called the "Holboy Entertainment Industry Podcast", but instead the "Holboy Entertainment Podcast". The change may be minor, but let me explain. The industry part of the title was very limiting. It was making the podcast have to be about video and photo. While that isn't something I am against, it is something I can't see an audience enjoying in the long term. This new title means I can have anyone on the show and we can talk about anything. I absolutely will still talk about photo and video because that's who I am, but now there can be more topics and more variety in guests. 

Now for some production stuff. I have been talking with some of my great friends who have passions and goals in line with my own, and we want to make something truly amazing. So starting soon we will be making a short film together. Unfortunately that's all I can really say on that particular project, but this idea sparked more. A film I wrote nearly 4 years ago is finally actually in the works. I have some script changes to work in, but once the script is finished I can get started on the production side of things. The film will be titled "Everything and Nothing". Very excited about this new project and all that is to come with it.  

And just a quick update about "Local: A Bike Movie". Production will be starting soon, and I know I have said this before, but now that I have all my gear together it is much more set in stone. I just have to confirm a few more riders and then get this started.  

Once I get a few things squared away, I plan to get the podcast started up again and on a consistent schedule. Around that time I also plan to get the blog on a consistent schedule as well. I am very excited about everything going forward! It has been a wonderful journey so far and it's only getting better from here.  

If you have any questions about the gear I use, please contact me or leave a comment. I am happy to answer any and all questions. Keeping making awesome stuff out there!  

Get a planner!

I have become pretty busy in the last few months. This has made it hard for me to keep track of what I am doing and when I am doing it. I remembered how I use to write down everything happening in the week back in grade school and high school, but stopped because I thought it was stupid. How wrong could I be? I went and bought a planner and a couple notebooks for keeping track of projects and shoots. The results have been immediately noticable. Now when I get a call asking if I will help shoot a commercial, I can write it down and make sure it doesn't conflict with my other shoots and plans. I highly recommend getting a planner if you are like me and have a hard time keeping track of it all. 


Business Thought of the Day

I have been thinking a great deal about my business and where it is heading. I am so very excited about the direction I am going. I am aiming to have 10 consistently returning customers either by the end of the year or soon after. If my math is correct, and I really hope it is, that could mean things are about to change quickly.

I have said it before, but I will say it again. I am hoping to get back into the swing of posting a blog post more frequently. The goal is daily, but as I become more busy it may become more difficult. However, that will not stop me from trying. If you are reading this, I really hope you have enjoyed this sneak peak into my life.

Keep making awesome stuff out there and please keep doing things that you love!

-Wesley Holboy

Back home!

I just got back from a trip to Chattanooga Tennessee and back to Washington. I did the whole trip in 7 days. Every single day I drove at least 12 hours. I am so exhausted from it, and I am hoping to slowly stop doing my trips across the country like that. I want to take my time and see as much as I can. It would also be a really great way to put more into my travel vlogs. 

Business Thought of the Day

As I was driving home today, I was thinking about my travel vlogs, I realized that I have no title for the vlogs. It's simply "Travel Vlog Day___", which is pretty boring if you ask me, so I'm going to start building some content to make a name change. What was once "Travel Vlog Day___" will soon be called "Wes Was Here: Holboy Entertainment travel vlogs" 

Very excited about this, and I hope it goes well with the viewers of the vlogs. If you are reading this and haven't watched the vlogs, please go check them out on the Holboy Entertainment Facebook page.  

Keep making awesome stuff out there! See you in the next blog! 


Been a while!

Wowza! I have not posted a blog in a while. I'm planning to change that real soon. Big stuff coming soon content wise, and some changes too. I am going to keep this blog up to date on all of these great things coming up. 

behind the scenes shot of a project I'm working on

behind the scenes shot of a project I'm working on

Some news about the podcast

The Holboy Entertainment Industry Podcast was a great deal of fun to make, but I realized after the first 2 episodes that I was pinning myself into a corner with who I would be able to have on the show. This lead me to my decision on the podcast, which is simply that I am going to change the name and start fresh.  

I'm thinking the name should be "In the Trees with Holboy Entertainment" or something like that. If you have any ideas about the title/subject matter of the new podcast, then please hit me up on social! @wesleyholboy across just about everything social media.  

Keep making awesome stuff out there! And I will be back to the blog soon! 


did a photo shoot the other day. Fun to be on the other side of the camera

did a photo shoot the other day. Fun to be on the other side of the camera

-Wesley Holboy

Podcast Episode 1


I have recently released my newest episode of the Holboy Entertainment Industry Podcast to iTunes, Google Play Music, and YouTube. I had a lot of fun making the podcast, and I am excited to be making more in the future! 

If you listen to podcasts and/or want to hear from people working with photo and video, please give the podcast a listen. Hit me up on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and tell me what you think.  

Keep making awesome stuff out there!