Welcome to Holboy Entertainment!

I started setting the groundwork for this company when I was 16. I got the Business License for Holboy Entertainment when I was 17, and I have been working on making my content the best I can produce ever since.


Wesley Holboy



When I was 15 years old I truly discovered my love for video production and photography after living through a traumatic brain injury (TBI). I then decided to commit to my craft. I bought a camera and a computer and decided it was time to start making videos for the world to see. I then got my first job in video production as a Production Technician for The City of Mount Vernon, after 2 years of working there I got my second and third jobs in video production as a Production Assistant for Skagit Media Marketing and Skagit Wedding Films. Shortly after, I got a job at DreamChasers RV of Burlington as the Social Media Manager and Internet Marketing guy.

I have worked on a good handful of projects in my short career, and I look forward to working on many more. Video Production is a passion of mine that I hold close to my heart. I am excited to see what is to come.


-Wesley Holboy